A Tribute to Manchester


Today, England is scared and full of pain

We pray for those in Manchester, so willingly slain.

Man, or Woman, Black or White, we all shed a tear

We condemn those monsters who would drown us in fear.


But those of the north show great resolve

Love and Hope keeps them together, their spirit will never dissolve.

They come together, arm in arm across the town

Not the fires of fascism, nor the screams of extremists can bring them down.


Attempts to divide, bring them together

Their enemies say fall, but they scream never.

Some might say we will find a brighter day

It will be the people of Manchester who show us the way.


Today, atlas shrugged, but the northerners took the weight

This alone, is what makes the city so unquestionably great.


The world is on my shoulders, or is it just my brain?

This unbearable weight, it brings me pain.

It drags me down.


I am the star that shined next to the moon.

A brief breeze, blowing into a typhoon.

I am the prince with no crown.


I walk through the glen with the girl in the golden grass, a part of me never left.

That which taught me to love, stole my heart in an unintentional theft.

Still I drown.


I drown in the ocean of my mind.

I swim in these waters, while my heart is rendered blind.

The weight of the world drags me down.


The weight of love drags me down.

Oh, the unbearable weight of this invisible crown.

Within these waters I still drown.


But yet …I breathe.


I breathe with a fiery pain.

My collapsing lungs, will always sustain.

A prince, fighting for his crown.


I breathe praying for inner peace.

I breathe, but yet …within these waters, the drowning will never cease.

I drown within these waters but yet …. I still hold the world on my shoulders … dry and untouched.


Blood is thicker than water, yet we still allow brothers and sisters to be led off to slaughter?

Imagine if that was your son or daughter.

The world has food a plenty, yet we still allow little babies to have their stomachs be empty?

Imagine that you knew their name, maybe jenny? maybe benny?

Slavery is bad, yet we have banks who will put you in debt, smile and be glad?

Imagine if I called that “Economic slavery!”… you’d probably call me mad.


This world wants to us beat us down, yet were taught that’s its bad to frown?

Imagine that, a world where everybody is taught to always smile like a clown.


We all want peace, to smile in the sun, yet we have no army willing to drop a gun?

Imagine if one day we stopped squeezing triggers while praying for the rise of a new sun


We all want something new, yet we all say “I’m just one person what can I do?”

Imagine that I tell you all change comes from somewhere and it could all start with you.

For the human with no hope

Nobody understands those hurt of heart more than I,

an uncomfortable bed sewn from our sorrow is where we lie.


It is buried within, under the sparkle of an eye and the shine of smile,

the pain amongst us, a never ending tribulation and trial.


To those filled with regret and despair, have my soul and keep it as your own,

a gift to you, so that you may never be alone.


To those trapped in an infinite bleakness, to which you always roam,

Please know there will always be in my heart, a place which you can call home.


A man with no voice stood up and talked

He was colour blind.

Another man removed his feet and walked

He had peace on his mind.


A woman with no seat, sat down

There she sat, as strong as stone.

Another woman, by a horse she was rundown

From then on, the fire of women has only grown. 


They stood firm, not a single one fleeing

When loving humans band together they become an unstoppable faction.

They were men and women, not a single one was an all knowing being

They showed that power can be found in the simplest action.


Black, White, Woman, Man, not a single one held above.

We must remember, that nothing is as powerful as this thing we call love.