Blood is thicker than water, yet we still allow brothers and sisters to be led off to slaughter?

Imagine if that was your son or daughter.

The world has food a plenty, yet we still allow little babies to have their stomachs be empty?

Imagine that you knew their name, maybe jenny? maybe benny?

Slavery is bad, yet we have banks who will put you in debt, smile and be glad?

Imagine if I called that “Economic slavery!”… you’d probably call me mad.


This world wants to us beat us down, yet were taught that’s its bad to frown?

Imagine that, a world where everybody is taught to always smile like a clown.


We all want peace, to smile in the sun, yet we have no army willing to drop a gun?

Imagine if one day we stopped squeezing triggers while praying for the rise of a new sun


We all want something new, yet we all say “I’m just one person what can I do?”

Imagine that I tell you all change comes from somewhere and it could all start with you.


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