The world is on my shoulders, or is it just my brain?

This unbearable weight, it brings me pain.

It drags me down.


I am the star that shined next to the moon.

A brief breeze, blowing into a typhoon.

I am the prince with no crown.


I walk through the glen with the girl in the golden grass, a part of me never left.

That which taught me to love, stole my heart in an unintentional theft.

Still I drown.


I drown in the ocean of my mind.

I swim in these waters, while my heart is rendered blind.

The weight of the world drags me down.


The weight of love drags me down.

Oh, the unbearable weight of this invisible crown.

Within these waters I still drown.


But yet …I breathe.


I breathe with a fiery pain.

My collapsing lungs, will always sustain.

A prince, fighting for his crown.


I breathe praying for inner peace.

I breathe, but yet …within these waters, the drowning will never cease.

I drown within these waters but yet …. I still hold the world on my shoulders … dry and untouched.


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