The Beaten Path 

​Salty sea’s and a pebbley beach, a small pathway where the trees from the forest can reach. 

Oh, this beaten path. 

Warm camp-fire’s and the memory of the cold, a time you’ll cherish especially when you are old. 

Oh, this beaten path.


Perfect smiles and eyes that kill, love her with all your heart? you surely will. 

Oh, this beaten path.

Skimming stones and hopping rocks, moving faster than your heart, is the ticking of the clocks. 

Oh, this beaten path. 

Silent harbours and dream-filled boats, your hopes and dreams never sink because they only float. 

Oh, this beaten path.

This special place will pierce you like dagger, you’ll always have a soft that is spot for the place where nothing else matters.

Oh, this beaten path.


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